Eggimann - OSTRACODAporzellan

The Swiss artist, Marianne Eggimann, was and still is inspired by ostracods.

The ostracods are handcrafted from a mixture of porcelain and paper (Paper Clay) in a scale between 150:1 and 300:1. Scanning electron microscope images and light microscope images from ostracods served as guides through the fantastic world of ostracods.
The variety of surface structures and shape is made individually. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted in a complex and labour-intensive process. After each valve is formed, they are fused and it will need 2-3 weeks to gently dry the mass, so that no cracks ruin the OSTRACODAporzellan. Then, it will be burnt at a low 1020°C, glazed and then burnt at 1250°C. When valves are to be coloured or decorated with gold, they are placed in the oven for a third time at 800°C. Overall, the whole process takes about 5-6 weeks.
The price per piece is about several hundred Euros, depending on how sophisticated and finely structured the surface of the model is or has to be.
Last but not least, the artist is still modelling favourite ostracods, also at a larger scale, single halves with soft parts or only valve details (pores, muscle scars or matching ligaments).

The images are by courtesy of M. Eggimann.

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